Self-isolation – 3

For the last two years the Deeside stroke exercise group has produced a fund-raising quiz. Our current quiz is available until 31 March from members, from local shops or from me in return for a donation of £1 or more. Unfortunately, our group will not be able to meet for several weeks during the current lockdown. In these times of self-isolation when there is a renewed need for mental stimulus, I offer this additional quiz which is open to anyone who reads this blog – or comes across it accidentally. If you’re not used to cryptic clues, maybe now is a good time to learn the joy and frustration which they offer. Over to you:



(may include anagrams)

1. Accompanies gin (4)_________________________________________
2. Confused panel sounds unattractive (5) ____________________________
3. Diminutive Tell gives a cry of pain (6)_____________________________
4. Capable rap produces fruit {4, 5} ________________________________
5. Thrash me with this (5)_______________________________________
6. All right, includes article (3}____________________________________
7. A silly hussy initially left by a fag (3)______________________________
8. Sounds ill before Italian, love (8)_________________________________
9. Prickly girl (5)______________________________________________
10. Long for (4) _____________________________________________
11. To start, young Eric waits for this tree (3)__________________________
12. Neat – and tidy (6) _________________________________________
13. Beside the sea (5)__________________________________________
14. Killed Cleopatra – and in French! (5) _____________________________
15. First two of anchovies followed the dispute (5)_____________________
16. Church official (5)__________________________________________
17. Rest on a few when you’ve done well (6) __________________________
18. Lithium found beside a French lake (5)____________________________
19. Bed above a religious festival {11) _______________________________
20. A fortyish flowering shrub (9) ___________________________________
21. For tightening your sternum? (8) ________________________________
22. Hollywood city with most of Scots poet hesitating (8) ________________
23. One who interferes (6) ________________________________________
24. I can see this tree – the mist has left (5) ___________________________
25. Brass? Light? Both together! (8)________________________________

To receive an answer sheet, email your answers to me (use the contact details on this blog)
or DM me with your answers on Twitter (@ericsinclair8)

Optionally, if you enjoyed completing this quiz, you may care to make a donation to a charity which you feel is particularly relevant in these difficult times.

Good luck, and stay well.


About Eric Sinclair

Writer, stroke survivor, whippet owner, music lover, charity volunteer
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