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This blog began life as a sequel to my book Man, Dog Stroke. It has developed into a blog about health and wellbeing (specifically stroke care and even more specifically, stroke care in Scotland). Whippets also feature from time to time. In fact any topic I fancy may appear. In that spirit, during 2021, I hope to add posts from guest bloggers and occasional podcasts on a number of topics from a variety of people.

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Eric Sinclair

Fairness in 2022

Happy New Year to all followers of this blog. Never have the words ‘new’ and ‘year’ been so welcome, for, while we all thought 2020 was bad enough, 2021 was a real challenge with its extreme fluctuating graphs of hope and despair. I am far too realistic to make new year resolutions for myself, knowing … Continue reading

Scottish Stroke Improvement Plan

My guest blogger this time is Roger, whose wife had a stroke several years ago. So unimpressed was he by the care ‘pathway’ for his wife that he has campaigned tirelessly for improvements to stroke care in Scotland. Like me, he is not unhappy with the individual professionals who provide that care, it is the … Continue reading

Scottish Stroke Improvement Plan

You can view the latest Scottish Stroke Improvement Plan by clicking here No commentary from me on the subject as I am still recuperating. My advice to anyone at risk of falling: try to stay upright at all times and if you do fall try not to fracture your pelvis. Feedback on the SSIP welcome … Continue reading


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