New Year 2023

A very happy, peaceful and healthy 2023 to all.

This was the view that greeted us this morning:

Just the sort of day when normally I would want to take Archie (hop, skip) and myself (trudge, slip) for a walk, but 2023 is going to be the year when I do NOT fall over, with all the complications that fellow stroke survivors will know only too well. So, life inside it is.

An update to my last post, where the word ‘thrombectomy’ is explained. The Scottish government in its wisdom has now decided to reverse some of the cuts it had made to the budget for thrombectomy in Scotland. Whether this is in response to complaints from health professionals and others, in response to opposition politicians or in a sudden rare outbreak of common sense and compassion, who knows. But welcome news nonetheless. However, it still leaves Scotland with a part-time thrombectomy service, a postcode lottery for anyone suffering a stroke here and a service below the standard available elsewhere in the UK and much of the western world. But let’s be grateful for this modest concession and regard it as a moderately hopeful start to the new year.

With that, I leave you with a further picture of the view from my window … and beside me a warm sleeping whippet.

About Eric Sinclair

Writer, stroke survivor, whippet owner, music lover, charity volunteer
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7 Responses to New Year 2023

  1. Helen Corrigan says:

    Have a happy New Year & no slips or trips! Stay safe. Hope it will be a better year for everyone. Xx

  2. Eric Sinclair says:

    Thank you, Helen, and the same good wishes to you, John and your family.

  3. Eileen says:

    Best Wishes for 2023 and beyond, Eric. Do you think you’ll return to studying?

  4. Eric Sinclair says:

    I have returned! All the best for your own future in 2023. PhD? Booker? World domination?

    • Eileen says:

      Sorry for delay in replying – what’s next is doing all the jobs around the house that were pushed to one side while allowing my tired grey cells to recover 🙂 I’m getting back into the swing of networking with a loose group of local writers at a workshop on the 21st as well as attempting to bring my own writing group around to the idea of change and expansion. So far inspiration for new writing is non-existant though I do have ideas for a new direction for the piece I used for the final project. PhD – no thanks. Booker – I think not. World Domination . . . possible 🙂 Hope you’ve managed to get back into the swing of it all; I suppose there are new people to get used to now?

      • Eric Sinclair says:

        I am currently making heavy weather of TMA 03. Remember that?

      • Eileen says:

        I do. My one big failure was to link my chosen fiction piece with my own writing in sufficient quantity – BUT when it came to TMA06 (the pre final project commentary) I refered to this TMA and the issues and resolved it in the commentary – then received 90% for it. It may perhaps be easier with non-fiction if you’ve widely read similar writings on your own subject. Keep going, you can do it.

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