Self-isolation – 2

If there is any advantage to self-isolating on Deeside, it is that there is plenty of beauty around us. Our garden is beginning to come to life, although when we see pictures from other parts of the UK we realise how far behind our trees and shrubs are here. No matter, to brighten your day, here are some photos of the colour in our garden today.






The pink flowers above are quince. These produce yellow/orange fruit in the autumn which can be made into quince jelly. I wonder how the world will look when this year’s fruit is ripe.

Finally, the answers to the cryptic clues in my last post

10 Across: Useful note that is received by religious community (10)

Convenient (Convent + i.e.)

15 Across: Candid work in French (4)

Open (op. + en)

You now have an insight into my wife’s mind. She finds this stuff easy.

Stay well

About Eric Sinclair

Writer, stroke survivor, whippet owner, music lover, charity volunteer
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3 Responses to Self-isolation – 2

  1. Christopher Dunn says:

    Thanks for the bit of joy – beautiful pictures – you must have a sheltered garden Chris – keep calm and drink tea


  2. Will says:

    I remember our garden having a beautiful quince bush when I was a child, but the fruit never became jelly sad to say. I am no good at crosswords, and clearly absolutely no good at cryptic crosswords. I am only amazed I managed to muster even a very wrong answer.

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