Briefly, pangrams again

This morning, snow flakes in a cold north wind. Bright bursts of sunshine followed by periods of grey gloom. Still, a trickle of pangrams continues to flow, with the ever present challenge of “x”.

Barbara Craig’s prompt is her memory of children’s parties, thrown or attended over the years:

Absolute bedlam, children demanding entry. Falling, gavotting, hopping, incessant jostling, keening, loud monkey noises. Open, party, quick, retreat, serve the usual victuals. Wonderful, Xylene young zingers.

Helen Corrigan, on the other hand, reverts to the meaning of pangram I mentioned in my last post, i.e. that a pangram should include at least one occurrence of each letter of the alphabet. She writes:

Pangrams in the sunshine! Wot: Rain, cold and cloudy tomorrow!
Bang goes jogging, leap frogging over bollards, quick zealous exercise for wot we were meant to have!!!!

Strictly speaking it should also be a single statement – e.g.the quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog or intoxicated Queen Elizabeth vows Mick Jagger is perfection

Pangram perfectionists would probably argue that Queen Elizabeth and Mick Jagger shouldn’t feature, because they have capital letters. For me, it doesn’t matter. Just have fun with words. After all, you probably have some time on your hands.



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1 Response to Briefly, pangrams again

  1. Perhaps the capital letters in the last example should be considered a minor flaw next to the fact it doesn’t have a Y.

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