Love and Loss

Yesterday HaHamish 3mish left us, peacefully and quietly at the hands of a kind vet. His sudden decline of the last few days had left him with such a poor quality of life that we could not bear to see it any longer.

Like all good dogs, he offered unconditional love. Now his beds lie empty and our home is the quieter for his passing. No long nose pushes open a door to investigate what lies beyond, there is no purposeful trotting through house and garden – just silence and happy memories.

Love and loss, so often intertwined. Those are the emotions we feel today.

About Eric Sinclair

Writer, stroke survivor, whippet owner, music lover, charity volunteer
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16 Responses to Love and Loss

  1. Liz Weaver says:

    I am so sorry to read this – my condolences to you and your family, Eric. Goodnight, Hamish – and wherever your spirit lives, may it run free always.

  2. Eric Sinclair says:

    Thank you for your thoughts, Liz

  3. John Forbes says:

    Dear Eric and Jo So very sorry to hear about the loss of Hamish. He was a constant companion and will be sorely missed. V best wishes and love from us both and again our sympathy for the loss of such a true friend. John

  4. Jenny says:

    Sorry to hear your sad news. Hamish was a lucky dog to have lived with such a loving Master and Mistress. It is very hard to let them go, but I am glad to hear that you did not let him suffer.

    • Eric Sinclair says:

      Thank you for your comment, Jenny. I am glad to say that Hamish did not suffer at all, but slipped away peacefully yesterday morning

  5. Kevin says:

    Hi Eric and Jo, Having grown up in a house with dogs I know just how you feel when one of them dies. It’s a serious blow because he/she has always seemed like a slightly eccentric member of the family; a sort of court jester who is always ready to amuse you and, no matter what the circumstamces, is always pleased to see you. It does leave quite a gap and you find yourslf paraphrasing Tennyson: “And oh/ for the touch of a vanished nose/ And the sound of a bark that is still.”


  6. Scruff, Andrew and Sheena Webster says:

    Hi, this is Scruff.
    Whilst we only meet once.I heard so much about Hamish from his magazine musings. Hamish was a lovely lad, always up to mischief (I wish I could pinch a whole box of chocolates !) but always a loyal, loving companion. He will be much missed. Our thoughts are with you both.
    Scruff, Andrew and Sheena.

  7. Graham J Brown says:

    Hi Eric,
    Sorry to hear your sad news about Hamish. Words cannot make a big difference to those left behind but I wish you and Jo every consolation. I wonder if you will find another four legged companion to help you with your great efforts to raise funds for the Stroke Association? My guess is that you probably will do – either way good luck with your further fund raising.

    Best wishes,

    Graham B

  8. Will Maclean says:

    Sorry to hear of the passing of Hamish.
    Fiona and Will

  9. Mary Taylor says:

    Jack and I are sorry to hear of Hamish’s passing. He was such a character and good companion.
    Dogs like Hamish just give unconditional love and he will be sorely missed for quite a while by ‘Master’ and ‘Mistress’.

  10. Liz Marchant says:

    Eric, I was so sorry to hear that Hamish had gone to Rainbow Bridge. He had a lovely life, walking in beautiful places and sniffing wonderful smells to his little heart was content.

  11. Eileen West. says:

    Hi Eric,

    Just picked this up on my iPad. I’m so terribly sorry for your loss. Having read your book I feel like I knew Hamish.

    Being a fellow dog lover and having lost two myself over the years I feel I know what you’re going through. It’s awful. They definitely take a piece of us with them.

    You will, once again, be able to be in the company of another dog without feeling that wrench in your heart. When that happens and you feel you need the comfort only dogs can give I have plenty to choose from here so please feel free to let me know.

    Take care.


    Sent from my iPad

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