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This blog began life as a sequel to my book Man, Dog Stroke. It has developed into a blog about health and wellbeing (specifically stroke care and even more specifically, stroke care in Scotland). Whippets also feature from time to time. In fact any topic I fancy may appear. In that spirit, during 2021, I hope to add posts from guest bloggers and occasional podcasts on a number of topics from a variety of people.

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Eric Sinclair

Home again

‘Who’s at home with you?’ asks the ambulance man. We are bumping over the potholes on the outskirts of Aberdeen. ‘My wife and whippet.’ This gasped through the pain of another jolt. ‘Lovely dogs’ Through the pain, I think that the ‘Wife and Whippet’ could be the name of a Yorkshire pub. I picture a … Continue reading

Mind the threshold

This post comes to you from hospital. In the brief second before you hit the ground – the hackneyed phrase is ‘your life flashes in front of you’ – so, yes, in the brief moment after my toe struck the threshold and my body thumped down on to the hard tiles of our bathroom floor, … Continue reading

To buff or not to buff?

I was recently preparing a piece of short fiction for my next MA assignment (see earlier post), when I found myself using the word ‘buff’ in the following sentence: … it was a very small book, which had lost its cover slip, and, shorn of this, was buff coloured and lightly dimpled to the touch. … Continue reading


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