View from the Air

This picture from Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance (SCAA) appeared on Twitter today, inviting people to recognise this Scottish village

I can tell you that among the trees in a house on the left of this picture, I am writing this blog post. In the foreground is the River Dee and in the distance is Aboyne Loch. Yes, it is the village of Aboyne on Deeside. Just the place to spend a holiday if you don’t fancy the hassle of travelling overseas in these difficult times.

While you are admiring the view, you might care to donate to the Scottish Charity Air Ambulance Service. One day your life may depend on it.


About Eric Sinclair

Writer, stroke survivor, whippet owner, music lover, charity volunteer
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1 Response to View from the Air

  1. Kevin N Power says:

    A great picture! However, although one cane never rule out the improbable, I doubt my life will ever depend on a mad dash by the excellent people of that ambulance service, living, as I do, on Ireland’s south coast. But if, on some occasion, I find myself a) in Scotland, and, b) injured, or suddenly ill, or both, and in need of the service of the flying doctor,I grant you permission to think (spare me the humiliation of speaking the words!) the words: ‘Eat your words, Kevin!’

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