Gardening Notes

1 September, and our fruit trees are doing well this year. We could never have made that statement in Orkney, where we lived for 10 years. Orkney has other compensations, however – see the header picture of this blog

Apple trees that seem to do well on Deeside in a sheltered garden – Discovery, James Grieve, Katya, which are all eaters; Howgate Wonder, which is a cooker and can just be seen at the back of this photo. We also inherited a Bramley Seedling which is intermittently good. This is the second year that our pear tree Bon Chretien has fruited well.

Like the best husbands, fruit trees, once planted, are great value and require little maintenance. Passing deer may munch the leaves, but so far they have not gone for the fruit. Provided you pick the right root stock they are relatively easy to harvest even if your balance is wobbly. In order for them to do well, you need to keep the grass away from their trunks (see above). This makes cutting the grass a bit of a pain, but that is no longer my department. It goes without saying that there is a huge difference between the flavour of fruit you’ve grown yourself and the flavour of what you can buy in the shops.

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1 Response to Gardening Notes

  1. Kevin says:

    reminds me of Barbara Frietchy (the surname is probably spelt incorrectly) a poem we learned at school about an old lady during the American Civil War by someone whose name I forget ‘On that pleasant morn of the early fall/When Lee marched over the mountain wall/Over the mountains winding down/Horse and foot into Frederick town../Apple and peach tree fruited deep…/Fair as a garden of the Lord/to the eye of the famished rebel horde. Anyhow, it’s nice to know your pursuit of fruit is of the permitted variety. Was it Walt Whitman who wrote the poem? Anyway, apart from all that I strongly recommend you get your hands on Vasily Peternko’s recordings of all the Shostakovich symphonies with the Royal Liverool philharmonic. Give Archie a pat on whatvere part of hs anatomy gives him most pleasure. All de best fro Kevin in Cork who is about to uncork a bottle!

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