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ES pictureFollowers of this blog will remember that last November I took part in an evening at the Scottish Story Telling Centre organised by the Health and Social Care Alliance: ‘Reading Writing and Your Health – Journeys in Self Management‘. At the end of the evening I had a number of interesting conversations with individuals in the audience. One of these people has now been in touch with me – I reproduce her message below:

Books and Well-being

Guest blog post by an anonymous dyslexic adult.

Books and well-being is a blog series inspired by the Book Week Scotland 2015 event “Reading, Writing and Your Health – Journeys in Self Management.” In it, I share my experience of using books in my self-management journey. Here’s a summary of what each post looks at.

Part 1

  • The benefits that books can have on an individual’s well-being
  • The detrimental effect that an absence of books can have on an individual’s well-being, illustrated by my own experience

Part 2

  • How books can benefit dyslexic people
  • Whether an absence of books could exacerbate mental ill health and make recovery from it more difficult
  • Some book lists and how dyslexic people might use them

Part 3

  • How dyslexic people might adapt the book lists discussed in part 2 to self-manage dyslexia and common mental health conditions

Although these blog posts focus on the dyslexic context, they are applicable to any group or individual interested in using books as a self-management tool.

You can find the first post in the series at  The other 2 posts will be published over the next few weeks.

I encourage you to follow the links above and to read what she has written about dyslexia and mental health and will write over the next few weeks.

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