Snow and gritted teeth

YestES pictureerday hard frost and some snow. Today more snow, but milder. Definitely not weather for a young whippet.

Following a diktat from our ever liberal Scottish Government, Aberdeenshire Council is to spend thousands of pounds on Gaelic road signs, but cannot seem to afford to grit its treacherously icy pavements. I feel a “Disgusted of Deeside” letter coming on, on behalf of those of us who find such conditions dangerous to health and well-being. I am confident there are more of us insecure walkers in Aberdeenshire than there are Gaelic speakers. Having fallen down some concrete steps in Aberdeen a couple of weeks ago, both mind and body feel quite strongly about this and with Council Tax at £260 a month, I am gritting and gnashing my teeth on this issue more than they are gritting the pavements.

Meanwhile, more information for stroke survivors with effective use of only one hand and the knotty question of shoe laces. Clicking here will take you to a video of a technique for tying laces with one hand offered by an Australian called “Professor Shoelace”. You decide.

And finally, a further invitation to followers of this blog to the event at the Scottish Story Telling Centre, Edinburgh on Tuesday 24th November where I will talk about writing as a part of self-management after stroke and read from Man, Dog, Stroke.

I just hope the Edinburgh pavements are gritted.

About Eric Sinclair

Writer, stroke survivor, whippet owner, music lover, charity volunteer
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