A Post for Whippet Lovers

archie ct2Time flies when you are enjoying yourself.

Archie (Windwalker Follow Me Home – see earlier post) recently celebrated his second birthday in a way that only a whippet can: by meeting several other dogs, whizzing around in madcap circles, taking his “owners” for a long walk, then entertaining them by fooling about for an hour with his infuriating squeaky ball and finally collapsing comatose buried under a blanket on the one sofa he is allowed to relax on. Oh yes, and ensuring he received his daily biscuit from the postman – he can hear the sound of letters dropping on the mat from five hundred metres. It’s the highlight of his morning.

Photo0188             Photo0046             Photo0186

If only we humans were so easily satisfied.

About Eric Sinclair

Writer, stroke survivor, whippet owner, music lover, charity volunteer
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1 Response to A Post for Whippet Lovers

  1. John Forbes says:

    Well done Archie in finding the route to being utterly content. Let us also applaud that his interest in waiting for Postie’ does not include the occasional friendly bite to remind him who is in charge of this home!

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