New toy

ES pictureI have purchased a pedometer. This set me back £16, and for this I get a small digital lozenge that clips to my belt and counts the number of paces I have taken over a given period of time, the distance covered, the time taken and the calories burned. I have just returned from a walk at the beautiful Cambus o’ May forest on Deeside. I can now tell you that I took 5379 paces on this walk, covered 2.71 miles, took 57 minutes to complete it and burned 154 calories. To some of you these will not be very impressive statistics; to someone living with stroke who was discharged from hospital in a wheelchair almost exactly 10 years ago, these figures represent something of a minor triumph.

I shall go on recording these statistics on a daily basis and will bore readers of this blog with them from time to time – you may wish to unsubscribe now.

Archie loves this walk at Cambus o’ May because

a) it is a slightly different route each time, therefore a host of new smells

b) he often meets new dogs and new humans, therefore a host of new biscuit-eating possibilities

c) he can rush around off the lead

He easily covered five times the distance and probably burned ten times the calories that I did in the same time.

On Thursday I have to attend a meeting at Glasgow Caledonian University. The travel directions I have been given tell me that it is 826 paces from Queen Street Station to the university – I shall check to see if that information is accurate.

This recording of walking statistics could easily become a compulsion, but I’m not complaining.

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2 Responses to New toy

  1. Mary Taylor says:

    I would say that that distance and the time taken is really brilliant , not just a minor triumph! Always a bit disappointing to know how few calories we burn though!

    It could really start to take over your life if you become too obsessed with the stats! However there are worse things to be addicted to!

    Good Luck !


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