Orkney leading the way again?

ES pictureHere are two pictures from the referendum campaign:

Picture 1

yes polling booth

Picture 2

yes-no I wonder if graffiti like this at a polling station in central Scotland in Picture 1 is one reason that some people were turned off voting Yes? Meanwhile, Picture 2, taken from last week’s Orcadian shows rare footage of Yes and No campaigners agreeing to differ but posing for a joint photograph in front of Kirkwall’s St Magnus Cathedral in Orkney. Orkney leading the way in showing it’s possible to live side by side with your fellow man or woman, even when passions run high?

As a very last, final comment on the “R” word, I am pleased to reproduce below a post today from the Facebook page of the Modern Studies department at Kirkwall Grammar School. For those unfamiliar with the term, “Modern Studies” is a subject taught in Scottish secondary schools which includes elements of politics, government, history and the other social subjects (I’m sure they will correct me if that’s a hopeless definition). I was privileged to be head teacher of this school for ten years and I am very proud of the statement they have issued, which I am sure sums up the feelings of many people in Scotland:

Please remember that the result of the referendum is not the most important thing to come out of the last two years. The most important thing is that we have discussed what kind of Scotland we want for the future and now, how we move forward, together.

If you had hoped for Independence, don’t let your frustration consume you. Lift your chin up and look towards the future and work to make Scotland a better place.

If you voted for the Union, don’t gloat. The victory is not in the referendum result, the victory will be in helping Scotland move forward and become a better place.

We are celebrating UN Peace Day, so make peace, do your bit…and help make our little bit of Scotland a happier place.


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