Helen Eadie

ES pictureThe MSP Helen Eadie has died.

I mentioned Helen in a number of earlier posts (see her name in the list of tags at the side of this blog). In addition to being the well-respected MSP for Cowdenbeath, she chaired the Scottish Parliament’s Cross Party Group on Heart Disease and Stroke with care and compassion. She was a major inspiration for and supporter of the Charter for People Living with Stroke. I know she was particularly proud of the way this Charter had been drawn up collaboratively through the Cross Party Group. Helen was important to her family and they to her, but in addition there must be many of her colleagues and constituents who feel they have lost a friend and ally. She had good working relationships with fellow MSPs in all political parties. When you saw her at work you knew you were in the company of a politician who cared above all about people and their real life concerns.

It was a privilege to have known her and to have worked with her for a relatively short time on one of the many worthwhile projects in which she was involved in her long career in Scottish politics. Her compassion and determination to help all who sought her advice and support will be greatly missed.

With her death, the NHS, health charities and stroke survivors in Scotland have lost a loyal and influential supporter.

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2 Responses to Helen Eadie

  1. John Forbes says:

    Eric Sorry to hear this news. Good wishes from Paris

  2. Liz Weaver says:

    What a sad loss – was sorry to hear this today.

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