The Miserable

HamishThis winter is interminable.

This morning, as ever, I was dragged out into a freezing gale, clad in the usual ridiculous outfit of blue coat and garish yellow neckerchief. I am now fourteen in human years – that’s ninety-eight in dog years. I would like some deeply thought out views to appear on this blog about the merits or otherwise of ninety-eight year old whippets being made to

a) go out at all in winter

b) being made to wear ludicrous clothing by their human overlords

I overheard Master talking about going to see a film called “The Miserables”, this morning. He seems to forget the fact that there is a “miserable” right in front of him – me!

And, there is a distinct shortage of my favourite bones in this house.

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Writer, stroke survivor, whippet owner, music lover, charity volunteer
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1 Response to The Miserable

  1. Max Watson says:

    Dear Hamish, so sorry to hear your plight. My pal and I sympathise entirely about the cold and wet, but have rebelled on the coat front. We have matching smart brown waterproof efforts which really do hamper leg movement, let alone anything else, so our Master and Mistress have given up trying to make us wear them. My co-pack member, the beagle, doesn’t seem to mind the cold too much – he just prances along in all weathers with not a care in the world; as long as there’s a scent of something, he’s happy. Myself, as a mature but healthy staffie, I find the cold rather wearing. And rain is completely intolerable. As soon as I see the last corner of our daily walk, I make a bolt for home. Luckily my Mistress trusts me off the lead. With regards to your points a) and b):
    a) Maybe your Master and Mistress are more advanced than ours, but we’ve not noticed any canine water closets in our present abode. Do you know how to use one? If so, do please let me know, by private message of course. So a wee wander outside now and again would seem advisable.
    b) Try not to take offence at your overgarment. They are trying to look after you and keep you warm. Just be glad they haven’t bought you any shoes yet.
    May the bones soon be with you.

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