Frozen Paws

  Master has taught me a new word – it is “empathy”.

So I am posting to let you know that I have empathy with anyone out there in the frozen wastes of north-east Scotland who has had to go out into the cold snowy weather today. This is not whippet-friendly weather.

I am also asking for your empathy in return.

This morning I was dragged out on my usual walk to the river by Mistress just before dawn. I could see in advance that the whole enterprise was going to freeze my paws to the bone, so to begin with I dug my heels in tightly and refused to budge from the kitchen. I even tried the high-pitched whimper. Mistress, of course, simply exercised her Iron Will and dragged me outside, forcing me into my horrible blue coat on the way. She has the strength of an ox and the sensitivity of a brick. We walked for miles through the blinding snowflakes and freezing temperatures – imagine being ordered to perform your personal business in that. She had no empathy with me at all.

Learning point: If you feel sorry for me that is a step on the road to empathy.

I’m going to lie down and sulk. All the best to all cold dogs out there.

Hamish Sinclair

About Eric Sinclair

Writer, stroke survivor, whippet owner, music lover, charity volunteer
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2 Responses to Frozen Paws

  1. lestaret says:

    Hamish, my whippetty comrade, my fat, hairy bloke dragged me out today in something he referred to as ‘brass monkey weather’ which sounds alarmingly like (but not as unpleasant as) your experience. Certainly it is cold out here on the East Anglian coast, but probably not as bad as where you are, so I offer my whippet empathy. Hang in there pal, at least your blue coat fits – my skinny arse sticks out of mine! All the best, Devo.

  2. Martha Cardassi says:

    Upstate NY whippets have much empathy with you Hamish! At least your Human servants go WITH you..ours stand at the window and repeat loudly Go Potty! (as if THAT will help when we are standing hock deep in snow and sleet!) Sigh…Best Wishes,Phantom and Chelo

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